Rebekah Rogers - PI

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Rebekah Rogers is interested in evolution of genome structure. She studies the ways that complex mutations, like duplications, deletions and chromosomal rearrangements form brand new gene sequences. She also studies how natural selection acts on these new gene sequences to produce evolutionary change. The Rogers lab studies these mutations in a variety of evolutionary systems including Drosophila, mammoths and elephants, and humans. Twitter: @evolscientist Google Scholar

Cathy Moore - Lab Tech

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Cathy Moore is a research specialist in the Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics at UNCC. Cathy did her undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt and her PhD in Biology at UNCC. Cathy leads molecular work in the lab. She is generating Illumina sequence data for population genomic panels of D. yakuba as well as RNAseq experiments in hybrid Drosophila.

Rittika Mallik - PhD Student

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Rittika Mallik is a computational biologist. She is working on repetitive elements in elephant genomes. She has identified recently proliferating transposable elements in the genomes of Asian and African elephants. She will work on TE differences among elephants.

Theresa Miorin - Honors Thesis Student

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Theresa Miorin is a Biology major at UNCC, doing an Honors Thesis in the Rogers lab. She is working on genetics of meiotic drive in D. americana and D. novomexicana. She is also performing phenotypic assays on D. yakuba and D. santomea. She is the chief fly curator for the Rogers lab. Theresa is currently applying for graduate school in evolutionary genetics. Twitter: @theresamiorin

Brandon Turner - Joint Undergrad/Masters Student

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Brandon Turner is interested population genetics and computational biology. He is analyzing population genetics of genome structure variants in D. yakuba and D. santomea. He is a math and statistics major who enjoys Big Data analysis for biological data. Twitter: @Para_normalDist

Previous Members

Nick Stewart - Postdoc

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Nick Stewart works on the genetic basis of meiotic drive. Nick did his PhD with Bryant McAllister at the University of Iowa. His thesis showed that chromosomal fusions cause segregation distortion in D. americana and D. novomexicana. This segregation distortion system is associated with a latitudinal cline in North America. Nick is currently using next generation sequencing to study the genetic changes associated with this segregation distortion system in Drosophila.

He is currently an Assistant Professor at Ft. Hays State University in Kansas.

Stephanie Perez Robles - Masters Student

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Stephanie Perez Robles is interested in aquatic and marine biology. She has led the bivalve sequencing and annotation project in the Rogers Lab. Stephanie has generated Illumina sequence data for population samples of M. nervosa. She worked on annotation and assembly of the bivalve genome.

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Anh Moss - Professional Masters Student Intern

Anh Moss is currently a Professional Masters of Science Student. Anh completed a summer internship project with the Rogers Lab, during which she worked with Dr. Rogers to find genome structure changes within Drosophila yakuba genomes using bioinformatic pipelines. Anh completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Kevin Selles - Undergrad

Figure 1

Kevin Selles is a Bioinformatics concentrator. He led analysis of genome structure variation in freshwater bivalves for the Rogers lab.

Steven Kay - Undergrad

Steven Kay is a recent graduate of UNCC with a concentration in Bioinformatics. He is analyzed tandem duplications in Drosophila for the Rogers lab. He is now working in industry.

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